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Family ♥ Stahl

Very sweet family Stahl has also got a very sweet home. Their home was also one of the finalists of the magazine Kodu ja Aed(Home and Garden) “Beautiful home” competition. Very cosy, cute and full of details. I will share some of the pictures with you._DSC9145 c2opy_DSC9510 copy_DSC9517_DSC9371 copy_DSC9526-2_DSC9510col3_DSC9723_DSC9373col2_DSC9590_DSC9553_DSC9595_DSC9145 copy_DSC9371 copy_DSC9719colV_DSC9617_DSC9190 copyUntitled-1_DSC9292 copy 2_DSC9648col6_DSC9728_DSC9722col9_DSC9732_DSC9735_DSC9748_DSC9751_DSC9753

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